High-quality United States Home Shirts in 2016 & 2017

As the development of democracy and industry, the United States become one of powerful countries all over the world. In its development process, football in the US has achieved great success in the past decades. Akin to home shirts of the United States soccer team in 2017, the home shirt unveiled in 2016 is predominately white, spliced with two baby blue cuffs.

Red stripes on both sides of United States football shirt and red strip knitted on back collar are noticeable on the concise and elegant shirt. The capitalized word “USA” is embroidered on back collar.


Different with football shirt in 2016, the home shirt of the United States men’s national soccer team in 2017 is predominately fiery red. White logo of Nike and shirt badge are printed on upper right and upper left respectively. Each kit is made from 16 plastic bottles on average. The high-performance yarn brings strong breathability to help players in excluding interferences at competitions.


High-caliber Mexico Home and Away Shirts

Mexico, officially the United Mexican States, is a state in the southern part of North America. As the sixth largest country in the Americas, it is also the 13th largest independent nation in the world.

Fc Kingdom is the best retailer in UK providing high-quality football shirt of various national football teams. If you are finding high-quality and cheap football shirt on the internet, the Fc kingdom is deserved to be browse. The new home shirt of Mexico football team is dark green, decorated with irregular light green pattern on the front. With logo of Adidas and shirt badge of football are printed on the upper right and upper left respectively.


New white away football shirt is decorated with three green stripes on shoulders. The green and red stripes are printed on the front to add energy into it. Akin to home football shirt, logo of Adidas and shirt badge of football are printed on upper right and upper left respectively. Purely white back of Mexico football shirt leaves a concise and clear impression to people.