High-quality United States Home Shirts in 2016 & 2017

As the development of democracy and industry, the United States become one of powerful countries all over the world. In its development process, football in the US has achieved great success in the past decades. Akin to home shirts of the United States soccer team in 2017, the home shirt unveiled in 2016 is predominately white, spliced with two baby blue cuffs.

Red stripes on both sides of United States football shirt and red strip knitted on back collar are noticeable on the concise and elegant shirt. The capitalized word “USA” is embroidered on back collar.


Different with football shirt in 2016, the home shirt of the United States men’s national soccer team in 2017 is predominately fiery red. White logo of Nike and shirt badge are printed on upper right and upper left respectively. Each kit is made from 16 plastic bottles on average. The high-performance yarn brings strong breathability to help players in excluding interferences at competitions.


Fabulous Brazil Home and Away Shirts

Brazil, officially the Federative Republic of Brazil, is the biggest country in South America and Latin America. Not only territorial areas, but also its population are the fifth in the world. Official language of the fifth-largest state is Portuguese. Brazil is also the original production country of high-quality coffee. It is in this tribal nations that the football is popular among people. Some information about Brazil football shirt are as follows:


There is a sharp contrast between home and away football shirts. Predominately yellow home shirt in 2016 is printed with logo of Nike and shirt badge, leaving a dynamic and young impression to people. Similar to home football shirt, new away football shirt is predominately blue, decorated with white logo of Nike and shirt badge. A florescent yellow stripe is embroidered on back collar.

Not only design details, but also high-performance yarn used in it are sought after among loyal fans of the Brazil football team.


Cheap Colombia Home and Away Shirts

Adidas and Federación Colombiana de Fútbol (CFC) published the special new football shirt of the Colombia national football team. White football shirt shows respects to the first national football team participated in international competition. The debut of new football shirt is expected at American Cup in 1945 in the memory of 100 years competitions.

After unveiling of new Colombia football shirt, new home and away football shirts are sought after among loyal football fans of the Colombia national football team. Firstly, they are entirely different in color. The home football shirt in 2016 is predominately white, decorated with striking red shirt badge and red stripes on the ends of cuffs.

Horizontal-stripe patterns are printed on the front new away football shirt in 2015 on the basis of black. Yellow stripes on shoulders and chest are noticeable, compared with black textile. These new football shirts are benefit to help players at fierce competitions absorbedly. Do not miss the good opportunity to place your order.

China Home Shirts in 2016 & 2015 | Fckingdom

Although the China national football team’s bad performance in field of football, Chinese people extend their high hopes to China national football team, wishing it to rank at the top list of excellent football teams.

Besides hot expectations from ordinary people in China, traditional Chinese elements of armor are used on this new China football shirt unveiled in 2016. Decorated with hidden and gradually changed pattern of armor, yellow logo of Nike and shirt badge of China are printed on upper right and upper left respectively. The Chinese character “China” is knitted at the center of shirt badge. Yellow stripe and the character “China” are embroidered on back collar.


Different with latest home football shirt published in 2016, the home football shirt unveiled in 2015 is predominately red. White collar and white stripes are used to decorate this red football shirt. White logo of Nike and shirt badge of China are printed on the front. As a Chinese unique symbol, dragon’s image is printed on the shirt badge, too. Fc Kingdom is your best choice to purchase high-quality football shirt.